HUMHOUSE hummingbird nesting branch

 Martin House Hummingbird Nesting Branch

Canadas Supplier of Quality Bird Feeders & Mill Creek Wild Bird Seed

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We have upgraded our website to this century. This site is mobile and tablet friendly. We are working on an on line ordering system with retailer login. Stay tuned...

We are Canada's leading supplier to the wild bird industry. This site is intended for wholesale customers who operate independent retail stores in Canada.

Sellers of:  Mill Creek Seed Company® Wild Bird Seed Garden Friendly®, Seasons Woodland®, Squirrel Free®, Garden Friendly® Wild Bird Seed and Bird Food, Bird feeders, Birdhouses, Bird baths, Bird bath Heaters, Heated bird baths, Bat houses,  Butterfly houses, Butterfly feeder, Suet, Nature books, Garden hardware, Poles, Squirrelproof bird feeders, Squirrel guards, Squirrel baffles, Shepherds hooks, Hummingbird feeders, Oriole feeders,  Metal hardware, Hangers, suet, Christmas wreaths, Christmas seed balls, Wall hooks, Mangeoire pour oiseaux, Mangeoire anti-écureuils etc.

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