New Products

391PINE391PINE small

 Powder Coated Tube with Pine design. Removable Plastic ports/perches for easy cleaning. Easy to fill and clean. Holds 1 lb of seed. 6 feeding ports.

392YH392YH small

Holds up to 1.5 pounds of seed. Built in hanger for secure hanging. 8 feeding ports.

2870928709 small

Farmhouse Ranch w/ Suet Baskets


2463724637 small

Farmhouse Absolute Squirrelproof feeder. Single sided feeding. Placement near windows or walls. Large 15 lb. seed capacity. Durable chew resistant powder coated body. Easy fill and top lock roof.

2870828708 small

Rustic Farmhouse Tall Hopper Feeder with Metal Rooster Stamping

WL31224WL31224 small

Beautiful copper finish. Capacity 1.25 lbs. Dimensions: 10" Dia. x 13" H

H-M12DPH M12DP small

Cedar Wood Purple Martin House is designed with 12 rooms featuring properly sized entrance holes for Purple Martins. Fully Assembled!

8290682906 small

16" glass red poppy bird bath with folding stands included.
Dimensions: 23" H x 16" x D

8290582905 small

16" glass peacock bird bath with folding stands included.
Dimensions: 23" H x 16" x D

82901-Cases of 4 only82901 small

Hanging bird baths/feeders with 14" chain. Assorted colors, Cobalt Blue, Pink, Purple, & Yellow. 14.2" H x 10" x D

82912-cases of 4 only8291282912 small

10" Flower bird bath with 18 1/2" high yard stake included. Assorted colors, Sunflower & Blue Wild Flower. 27.4" H x 10.5 D

B122C Three way hummingbird feeder cleaning brushes-Now Available Again!

Hummingbird Brush Kit. Cleans stem, or opening of feeder flowers. Cleans nectar bottles, and feeder bottle bases.

B129C Now Available Again!B129C small1

2 in 1 Hummingbird Brush. Large brush cleans nectar bottle and small brush cleans nectar bottle socket.


Hand made in Canada. Cedar Bee house with replacable tubes. Roof opens with instructions inside. An average garden will benefit from one or two nests, larger gardens three or four.

H-UB1HUB1 small

Hanging or Flange mounting style. Fits 1/2-inch to 1 1/4 inch poles. Mounts with three set screws. High strength polycarbonate plastic and UV-resistant for durability.  2.75" x 13.25"

WFH001WFH001 small

Four U-shaped perches allow birds to feed from every side. All-metal construction ensures durability. Easy cleaning with slide out window panels. Drainage holes keep seed fresh. Attract a variety of birds with up to 2.8 lb of mixed seed or sunflower seed.

CFE101CFE101 small

Multiple clinging birds can dine at one time. Durable, powder-coated, all-metal mesh design. Mesh keeps seed dry & fresh. 2 lb seed capacity


GMR001GMR001 small

Durable Metal Hanger. Holds up to 2 lbs od sunflower seed. Unique mesh design allows more birds to feed at once.

MCF001 Postponed to JulyMCF001 small

Durable metal construction. Enclosed design protects seed from elelments. Holds up to 5 lbs of seed. Drainage holes in tray.


480480 small

Unique t-shaped perches for stability and comfort.  6 feeding ports. Monitor seed levels with clear shatter resistant plastic. Holds up to 1.75 lb of seed

481481 small

Unique t-shaped perches offer stability and comfort. 6 feeding ports. Monitor seed levels with clear shatter-resistant plastic. Holds up to 1.75 lb of Nyjer® seed

399YH399YH small

Goldfinches can feed upside down though other birds cannot, so this feeder is ideal for them. Holds thistle seed or finch mix. 2 lb seed capacity. (replaces 940)

363R363R small

Red Lantern feeder. Bird Preferred, U-Shaped Perches. Holds 5 lbs. (2.27 Kg) of Seed. Scratch-Resistant Decorative Panels. Improved Sure-Lock™ Squirrel Resistant Lock. New cross-bar for added stability


Artist William VanDerdasson employs a colorful palette and impressive skills for this dazzling array of garden birds and blooms.



Famed wildlife artist Tom Doughty masterfully depicts a pair of loons enjoying the last few days of summer.