June 2019

  • Woodstream/Perky Pet/Yule Hyde has discontinued the 50174 Pinery Feeder 50174 small

May 2019

  • Canadian Reach & Hook has gone out of business.L7002 small
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet/Yule Hyde has discontinued the 8140 8140 1 small
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the BL15RS BL15RS small
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet/Yule Hyde has discontinued the MSB00344 Mushroom Feeder MSB00344 small


April 2019


  • Daisy/First Nature has discontinued the NN3004 Drinker. nn3004 small1
  • Aspects has announced a major delisting of products. We have some in stock but we will delist them once they are depleted:


  • 422A                                                                      Small Seed Tube – Spruce

    426A                                                                      Small Nyjer Tube – Spruce

    391A                                                                      Small Seed Tube – Brushed Nickel

    399A                                                                      Small Nyjer Tube – Brushed Nickel

    442A                                                                      Small Seed Tube – Berry

    443A                                                                      Medium Seed Tube – Berry

    444A                                                                      Large Seed Tube – Berry

    445A                                                                      Small Nyjer Tube  - Berry

    446A                                                                      Medium Nyjer Tube – Berry

    447A                                                                      Large Nyjer Tube – Berry

    448A                                                                      Big Tube – Berry

    432A                                                                      Medium Quick-Clean Peanut Mesh – Berry

    431A                                                                      Medium Quick-Clean Nyjer Mesh – Berry

    371A                                                                      Classic Nyjer Mesh – Small

    372A                                                                      Classic Nyjer Mesh – Medium

    284A                                                                      Classic Peanut Silo – Small

    289A                                                                      Classic Peanut Silo – Medium

    WHWT064                                                            Original Window Thermometer – Goldfinch Pair

    WHWT 188                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Cardinal Chickadee

    WHWT 198                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Woodpecker

    WHWT 204                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Titmouse Chickadee

    WHWT 300                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Black Lab

    WHWT 338                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Dragonfly

    WHWT 115                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Cardinal Chickadee

    WHWT 119                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Hummingbird

    WHWT 240                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Cardinal

    WHWT 244                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Chickadee Nuthatch

    WHWT 256                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Bluebird

    WHWT 268                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Great Blue Heron


March 2019

  • Woodlink has updated the 5547 Oriole Feeder. 5547new small
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the RPS15G and RPS15BRPS15B smallRPS15G small
  • Erva has discontinued the FPUNO and replaced it with the FPWF4FPUNO FPUNO           FPWF4 small   FPWF4