September 2020

  • Squrrel Buster Peant feeders are back in stock. New design with interchangeable mesh tubes. NEW CODE: 1053



June 2020

  • Several seeds are facing pricing pressure. Black oil sunflower, safflower, striped sunflower and nyjer seed are costing much more than normal.
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the CJTHM23Y and CJTHM23G
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet has discontinued the 420YH and 421YH.

421YH small420YH smalldiscontinued

  • Woodstream/Perky Pet changed the 481 to a news style known as the 481F. As the 481 stock depletes we will merge into the new design. The difference is their new "Flexports". Note: The companion sunflower feeder (480) remains the same as it has in the past.

FLEX1 flex2 Flexport

  • All suppliers are reporting difficulty fulfilling orders. Many say:
    • they cannot get enough staff
    • offshore manufacturers cannot get staff
    • raw materials are difficult to secure (plastic, sheet metal, wire rod, and even corrugated cardboard for boxes)
    • shipping containers are short and vendors have to bid to get them
    • there is a shortage of ships for container
    • unloading at ports is difficult due to demand and lack of staff
    • shut downs in the US, Mexico, China and India
    • this will likely continue through the summer


May 2020

  • Just received this message from Brome Bird Care (Squirrel Busters)


"Due to the current conditions and the unprecedented number of orders we are out of stock on the following items:

1057 Squirrel Buster Standard

2004 Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver 200

1025-V01 Pole Adaptor

1052 – Squirrel Buster Peanut (a very limited supply on hand)

We are doing our best to maintain the best service possible. 

You will be advised when the situation changes.

Thank you for your continued support."

  • Most suppliers have been very slow to ship and allow us to re-stock. Many have noted a lack of staff that has caused them to delay.
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the popular CJTHM15G finch feeder. They continue to sell the CJTHM15Y yellow finch feeder.
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the BL-FIND finch feeder. We still have some in stock



February 2020

  • Perky Pet will be updating the 217 window hummingbird feeder later this spring. Here is the new look:

217 change

January 2020

  • You may have noticed a warning on Heath Products label The reads "Warning Cancer or reproductive harm". This is referring to a mandatory requirement for all products containg BPA for the state of California. Heath applys this label to all products.
    • It refers to BPA in the product. Please click this link to see what Health Canada says about BPA. Health Canada Link


December 2019

  • We have delisted the Miller Mfg. HB600 bath. We suggest the HB650 as a perfect replacement.
  • Check out the Squirrel Buster Standard in action. Click Here

November 2019

  • New Canadian vendor. New Stone Age has some beautiful products that are nicer than the images appear on this site.

BeeSkep LowRes 002Toad House LowRes 002Angel PotTableBeeBath

  • Woodstream just advised us that the 50179 Mountain Lodge has been discontinued.


October 2019

  • Woodstream just advised us that the Solar Christmas Balls have been discontinued. SSB vert small
  • Lots of new products coming this fall. Keep an eye on our new products page.


  • We have decided not to attend the 2020 Toronto Gift Fair. All new products will be posted on this site as they arrive. We will also email a full list of new products in January in lieu of presenting at the show.
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the BL-BUF15 plastic upside down finch feeder. BLBUF15 small



June 2019

  • Woodstream/Perky Pet/Yule Hyde has discontinued the 50174 Pinery Feeder 50174 small

May 2019

  • Canadian Reach & Hook has gone out of business.L7002 small
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet/Yule Hyde has discontinued the 8140 8140 1 small
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the BL15RS BL15RS small
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet/Yule Hyde has discontinued the MSB00344 Mushroom Feeder MSB00344 small


April 2019


  • Daisy/First Nature has discontinued the NN3004 Drinker. nn3004 small1
  • Aspects has announced a major delisting of products. We have some in stock but we will delist them once they are depleted:


  • 422A                                                                      Small Seed Tube – Spruce

    426A                                                                      Small Nyjer Tube – Spruce

    391A                                                                      Small Seed Tube – Brushed Nickel

    399A                                                                      Small Nyjer Tube – Brushed Nickel

    442A                                                                      Small Seed Tube – Berry

    443A                                                                      Medium Seed Tube – Berry

    444A                                                                      Large Seed Tube – Berry

    445A                                                                      Small Nyjer Tube  - Berry

    446A                                                                      Medium Nyjer Tube – Berry

    447A                                                                      Large Nyjer Tube – Berry

    448A                                                                      Big Tube – Berry

    432A                                                                      Medium Quick-Clean Peanut Mesh – Berry

    431A                                                                      Medium Quick-Clean Nyjer Mesh – Berry

    371A                                                                      Classic Nyjer Mesh – Small

    372A                                                                      Classic Nyjer Mesh – Medium

    284A                                                                      Classic Peanut Silo – Small

    289A                                                                      Classic Peanut Silo – Medium

    WHWT064                                                            Original Window Thermometer – Goldfinch Pair

    WHWT 188                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Cardinal Chickadee

    WHWT 198                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Woodpecker

    WHWT 204                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Titmouse Chickadee

    WHWT 300                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Black Lab

    WHWT 338                                                           Original Window Thermometer – Dragonfly

    WHWT 115                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Cardinal Chickadee

    WHWT 119                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Hummingbird

    WHWT 240                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Cardinal

    WHWT 244                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Chickadee Nuthatch

    WHWT 256                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Bluebird

    WHWT 268                                                           Classic Window Thermometer – Great Blue Heron


March 2019

  • Woodlink has updated the 5547 Oriole Feeder. 5547new small
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the RPS15G and RPS15BRPS15B smallRPS15G small
  • Erva has discontinued the FPUNO and replaced it with the FPWF4FPUNO FPUNO           FPWF4 small   FPWF4