BHBKStokes Birdhouse Book

Stokes Birdhouse Book. Approx. size is 8½" x 11" and has flexible cover.

Attract nesting birds! This is the best and most complete guide to attracting birds with birdhouses. You'll learn everything you need to know to bring nesting birds in close and witness their fascinating family life.

Filled with beautiful full-color photos.

  • This book includes:
  • How to choose the right birdhouse and how and where to mount it.
  • How to monitor birdhouses, keep records, and how to protect the birdhouses from predators.- A complete guide to which birds use birdho uses, including identification photos of each species, range maps, and details of their life history and behavior.
  • Also includes lists of the correct dimensions of birdhouses for each species and directions on which habitat to place the birdhouse in to attract each species.
  • Build your own birdhouse. Contains instructions and plans for a "Super Easy Birdhouse" that anyone can build. Also includes illustrations for more advanced birdhouse plans.
  • Chapter on the family life of birds discusses egg laying, incubation, and the nestling phase, complete with beautiful photos.
  • Includes a photo of the nests of the most common birds that use birdhouses so you can identify who is nesting in a birdhouse.
  • Chapter on how to attract other nesting birds including a list of which birds nest in trees, shrubs, on the ground, etc
  • Resource list for birdhouses.