BFBK Stokes Bird Feeder Book

Feed the birds! An easy guide to attracting, identifying and understanding your feeder birds. Learn to attract more birds to your backyard by following our easy methods.

Includes chapters on choosing bird seed, bird feeders, solving feeder problems and outwitting squirrels. Filled with beautiful full-color photos.

Identify and understand the behavior of your feeder birds. For each feeder species there is a beautiful color photograph of both male and female, with range map and identification clues beneath, as well as complete information on that bird's behavior at your feeder.

Additional chapters cover common problems, such as why birds peck at windows and why woodpeckers drum on houses. Also included are selections from Don and Lillian's bird feeder journal with pages for you to keep your own journal.

96 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.