PYOCedar Oriole Orange Feeder

Wooden Orange feeder for orioles. Holds 4 half oranges. 15" x  8" x 8". Made In Canada.

FFFruit Feeder

Fruit Feeder. Simplicity of design. Easy way to offer oranges. Powder coated orange metal design. Easy to wash in dishwasher. Strong rust resistant chain with hook. Loops securely around branches.

ORFDRBlack Metal Oriole Feeder. Holds 4 pieces of fruit. Hangs.

Black Metal hanging Oriole/Woodpecker Feeder. Holds 4 pieces of fruit or suet balls


B129CSE605 small

2 in 1 Hummingbird Brush. Large brush cleans nectar bottle and small brush cleans nectar bottle socket.

293Perky Pet oriole nectar

Perky-Pet® Instant Oriole Nectar 8 Oz. Bag. Perky-Pet® Instant Oriole Nectar has a citrus flavor specifically for the oriole’s love of oranges.