Audubon Woodlink

SC32QT32 Quart Container

32 Quart Container Dimensions: 11.375"L x 5.625" D x 13.5" H

SC8QT8 Quart Container

8 Quart Container 11.375" Lx 5.625" D x 13.5" H

SC6QT6 Quart Container

6 Quart Container. Dimensions: 11.25" Lx 5.625" D x 11" H

7586075860 small1

Heritage pole kit. Fits most mountable feeders. includes adapters for flat and 3-1/4" hole mount. Durable 1" OD powder coated steel. has 4 18.5" sections. Total length 68".

STMOUNTMount for 4x4 post

Steel Mount for 4x4 post. Measures: 6" L x 2" D x 6" H

WL13106 WL13106 Deck hanger-Clamp on

Deck Mount Bracket. 31" x 5" x 1.5". Green in Colour.

WL13102WL13102 Woodlink 24" limb hook

Woodlink 12" limb hook

WL13107WL13107  5 position screw in wall hook

Woodlink 5 position screw in wall hook. Feeder not included. measures: 25"W x 6.25"H

WL13109WL13109 Woodlink Wall hook

Woodlink Wall hook. measures: 19.25"W x .625"D x 9"H

BB1BB1 small

Audubon Cedar Bluebird House. 6.25" X 6.75" X 13". Features a 1-9/16" hole.

WRENKITWren House Kit

Build your own wren Kit, 1 1/8" Hole  Dimensions: 6"L x 3"D x 9"H


Garden Bluebird House, 1 9/16" Hole Size Capacity: N/A Dimensions: 7.5" L x 7.75" D x 13" H


Garden Wren/Chickadee House, 1 1/8" Hole Size Capacity: N/A Dimensions: 7.5" L x 6" D x 12" H

WREN2Traditional Wren House

Traditional Wren House, 1" Hole Size Capacity: N/A Dimensions: 8.25" L x 7" D x 7.5" H

WL13207Window glass Hang-Up.

Window glass Hang-Up. Capacity of holding a feeder with up to 5lbs. of seed. 2.5" x 7.25" x 11.5". Clear.

NAWFDRNAWFDR Audubon Mixed treat window feeder

Audubon Mixed treat window feeder. Attracts all kinds of birds! Sticks to glass surfaces and holds oranges, seed and jelly. Easy to fill and clean. measures: 3.3"L x 7.3"D x 7.5"H

3232532325 Woodlink Going Green Platform

Woodlink Going Green Platform- Light Green. Made out of recycled plastic. Capacity varies by type of seed. Galvanized screen bottom. measures: 8.75" D x 11" W x 1.5" H

5547  Orange Oriole Feeder

Orange Oriole Feeder. 40 oz. capacity. 3 feeding stations. Perches are removable. 10½" diameter by 8" tall. Green base, orange perches and feeder.

WL35319WL35319 Woodlink Metal Oriole Feeder

Woodlink Metal Oriole Jelly. Metal House Oriole Feeder. Description: Orange Metal Oriole Feeder. Capacity 1 jelly dishes, 2 Orange halves. Dimensions: 7.25 D x 10.6" W x 10" H

AT1AT1 Woodlink Small Ranch Feeder

Woodlink Small Ranch Feeder. Capacity of 1.25 lbs. Approx. size 7.5" x 7.75" x 9". Handcrafted. Made of 7/8" kiln-dried natural cedar. Zinc chromate screws. Full-length anodized aluminum hinges.

GGRANCH1  (formerly 32345)GGRANCH1 Woodlink Going Green Small Ranch Feeder

Woodlink Going Green Small Ranch Feeder. Capacity 2 lbs. Brand new color with removable galvanized screen bottom. Also includes metal cable for hanging. Dimensions: 7.5" D x 7.5" W x 7.5" H

AT3AT3 Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Feeder

Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Feeder Large capacity 4 lbs seed.  Dimensions: 11" L x 9.5" D x 9.75" H MADE IN U.S.A.

GGRANCH3 (formerly 32340)GGRANCH3 Going Green Large Ranch with Suet Feeder

Large capacity 3 lbs. + 2 suet cakes. Metal cable included for hanging. Dimensions: 8" D x 12" W x 8" H

PRO1PRO1 Premier Cedar Feeder

Woodlink Premier Cedar Feeder Dimensions: 13.5"L x 10.5"D x 11.5"H Capacity 5.5 lbs seed.

AT4AT4 Woodlink Large Ranch Feeder with Suet Baskets

Woodlink Large Ranch Feeder with Suet Baskets. Has 3.5 lbs. and 2 Suet Capacity. 12.5" x 9.5" x 10". Handcrafted. Made of 7/8" kiln-dried natural cedar. Zinc Chromate screws. Full-length anodized aluminum hinges

COPLANTERNCOPLANTERN Brushed Copper Lantern Feeder

Brushed Copper Lantern Feeder.  Dimensions: 13" Dia. x 16"H Capacity 4.75 lbs seed.

62316231 Granary Style Feeder

Granary Style Feeder. Turn top. eyelet provided for hanging or pole mount. 4 lbs. seed capacity. 10" diameter x 11" high. Assorted Colours.


32305Woodlink Going Green Fly Thru Feeder

Woodlink Going Green Fly Thru Feeder. Capacity 1.5 lbs seed. Galvanized screen bottom. measures: 8" D x 12" W x 9" H

WLSOCKSock Finch Feeder

Woodlink Thistle Sock. Capacity 1 lb thistle seed. Measures: 4.25"w x 11" h


6111Have a Ball Finch Feeder

Have a Ball Finch Feeder. Pops open to reveal thistle sock. 3 Colours. Measures: 4.3"dia. x 4.3"w x 10"h Each case of 12 has Green, yellow and pink feeders (cases of 12 only please due to mixed colours)Have a Ball Finch Feeder alternate colours