First Nature


Bird Waterer & Bath.Now only availanle with clear bottle. Globe Style. Approx. Size is 28.5"X11.5"X13.5". Reservoir holds over 100 oz. of water, then releases it into 4 separate drinking pools on demand.

NN305116oz. Hummingbird Feeder. Clear with Red top

16oz. Hummingbird Feeder. Clear with Red top and bottom. Approx. size is 7" x 21" x 14". Easy to fill wide-mouth jar reservoirs and 2 part bases. Feeding ports will accommodate several hummers at a time. 10 feeding stations.

NN3055 32oz. Hummingbird Feeder

32oz. Hummingbird Feeder. Clear reservoir with red top and bottom. Approx. size is 9½" x 21" x 14". Wide mouth jar reservoirs & two part bases for easy fill. 10 feeding stations.

NN3088 Wide-mouth Oriole feeder

Wide-mouth reservoir and patented two-part base is easy to fill and clean. The durable polymer feeder features 10 feeding ports, 32 ounce nectar capacity, S-hook, and round perch design. Innovative sealing ring aids in leak prevention. Orange base attracts inquisitive orioles. Approximate size is 9½" x 21" x 14".

NN3306Ant moat

Transparent plastic ant moat. Hang above any nectar feeder to create a barrier against ants. "S" hook not included

NN3052 Clear Nectar Concentrate

16oz. Clear Liquid Nectar concentrate. Approximate size 7½" x 5¾" x 8¾".