10, 20, 40 lbsSeasons Urban Bird™ non-gmo wild bird seed

This formula is specifically blended for birds in urban residential areas. We have considered established neighbourhoods and new developments when we were doing research to create Seasons Urban Bird®.

As the name states, it is seasonally adjusted. Each of the four seasons, we change the formula of over 30 different ingredients to accommodate the needs of birds at different times of the year. Additionally, we have accounted for the fact that birds migrate so each season the formula accommodates the birds that should be in Ontario urban areas at that particular time of year.
Seasons Urban Bird® is the most nutritionally perfect formula made for city birds in the world. This means that your birds will have higher protein in the spring and summer for muscle growth in young birds. In the colder months, we provide higher carbohydrates so birds can generate warmth. Calcium is added during egg production seasons and grit is added during months where grit is difficult or dangerous to find. Seasons Urban Bird® is also suited for Meadow Birds