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Mill Creek Seed Co. is a family business specializing in wild bird food. Every blend has been specially formulated using only the finest and most attractive ingredients. There is no doubt that  no other bird seed supplier has taken as much time and effort to formulate their mixes.

In the information below you will discover what makes Mill Creek bird food the best in the world. Many of our unique blends are described below. Mill Creeks blends have been registered and protected with the Government of Canada's intellectual property office and recognized as so unique that no other company can copy them. Please feel free to browse below and use the links to see how Mill Creek seed is better than all other seed. Once you understand how seed is separated and the quality is determined, you will see that there is a difference between good seed and cheap seed. The result of using good seed is that you will get more birds to your feeder.

Mill Creek Seed Co. produces the finest wild bird food in the world. Each blend is carefully formulated by Paul Bennett, Canada's leading ornithological nutritionist. With each formulation, Paul  prepares his blend to account for the Canadian climate, the immediate surrounding environment and the seasonal variations that effect birds needs. Priority is given to quality of ingredients and the nutritional requirements of birds. 

Many of Mill Creeks' blends are Trademarked for your protection and we are always the first to introduce new ideas and blends.  If your store is interested in stocking Mill Creek seed please contact us for an on site meeting. We have refrained from offering  specific information on Mill Creek blends to maintain the integrity of the line.  We are strict about which stores are allowed to sell these products to ensure fair and proper distribution.



Mill Creek Seed Co Seed Bags are now Oxo-Degradable.  All  bags are in the Oxo-degradable material. These bags have limited life and will degrade in a 2 stage process. Tell your customers to dispose of the bags with their normal trash and the bags will disintegrate naturally.

Mill Creek seed is packaged in clear Oxo-Degradable  bags  to allow the customer to see the quality. Low cost seed will be presented in a bag with lots of ink in the areas where dust collects.

Selecting quality sunflowers


(as used in Mill Creeks blends)

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Click to see how each sunflower head has all grades of sunflower seeds. You will see that with any sunflower head you can find seeds with no kernels inside right up to seeds with full kernels. Since every sunflower has all grades of sunflower seeds farmers will separate the grains to from good to poor. Often the poor seeds are sold as "bird food" to discount box stores and discount seed makers. It can be deceiving because the outside of the shell appears normal to the untrained eye. Now you can see the difference using the link above to identify immature seed, blanks and insect damaged seed. The easy way to tell the difference is by a low advertised price. Click the link above and ask yourself which grade of seed do you want in your feeder. Ironically, good seed costs priced only slightly more than poor seed but the food content is significantly greater in good seed. Since the seed often comes from grain brokers, the bags even look the same on the outside but the seed inside is quite different.

Here are some other interesting seed links:

Selecting Good Bird Seed

Avoiding Poor Grade Seed

Mill Creek selects the best seed with the highest kernel content for their blends. This ensures that birds will find feeders with Mill Creek seed to be the best source of food for all seasons. Better food brings more birds!

Why is our seed the best?

Some boast that they have the "best" wild bird seed because they don't have fillers. Although it is better to blend seed without fillers there are many other reasons why Mill Creek Seed Co.™ is the best in the world.

Avoiding fillers is just the beginning. Good seed will have a high quantity of sunflower and peanuts. These are the two most attractive ingredients. But you must go further, the sunflower must be mature and fresh. Mature sunflower will have a high ratio of kernel to shell. Every sunflower head has both mature and immature kernels and some kernels are blanks. Blank kernels have never been pollinated and therefore have no kernel at all. An untrained eye would look at a bag of blanks or immature sunflowers and may assume it is "good" seed when, in fact, it is almost all shells. Another indicator of poor seed will be insect damage. You can see small holes in each shell. When the shell is opened you can see that insects have consumed all of the kernel. Mill Creek is the only company that uses this knowledge to ensure the best seed.

Peanuts can be cheap if they have unseen problems. Poorly stored peanuts can have a variety of toxins. Salty reject peanuts can also sell cheap and salt is not good for birds. We avoid these problems and we know how to control for harmful ingredients and keep our seed safe.

Proper seed selection is also important. Millets, corn and safflower are all ingredients that are attractive to wild birds but they should be rationed to suit the needs and variety of birds in any given area.

Mill Creek is strictly in the wild bird seed business. We are not a large box store supplying chemical company, nor a pet food or livestock feed manufacturing company. We don't mix chemicals, weed killers, or medicated animal food and any other products with potentially harmful residue in our equipment .

We have a few other things that make our seed better but there is no need to give away all our knowledge. Just rest assured that we are looking out for the birds and doing our best to make our seed safe and attractive.

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