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9781523519552-1 Secret Life of Squirrels Wall Calendar9781523519552 1 Secret Life of Squirrels

Naturally Nutty.
Nancy Rose is a singular artist with a very particular vision. And it’s irresistible. First, she handcrafts finely detailed miniature scenes, making all the props herself. Next she sets them up outside and strategically hides nuts in the props. Then she patiently waits behind her camera. And here they come—the neighborhood squirrels! Snap, snap, snap, and without a touch of Photoshop, Nancy captures twelve magical scenes of squirrels acting just like humans: paging through a book at their neighborhood library, pitching a tent for a weekend of camping, playing in a sandbox full of toys. So innocent, so funny, so timeless. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. MSRP $21.99

9781523519569 The Secret Life of Squirrels Mini CalendarThe Secret Life of Squirrels Mini Calendar

It’s a squirrel's life.
Oakley shows off a new red wagon. Mr. Peanuts thinks it might be a blast to try snowshoeing. And look at Rosie—the squirrels are so messy, she’s cleaning up the playroom for the fifth time today! In the magical world created by photographer Nancy Rose, real squirrels search for nuts and seeds in her fanciful dioramas—and create charming scenes with no Photoshop required. It’s twelve clever, quirky months of squirrelly fun! Printed on responsibly sourced paper. MSRP$12.99

9781523518982 Audubon Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds Picture A Day Wall Calendar 9781523518982 1 Audubon Songbirds Other Backyard Birds Picture A Day Wall Calendar

Jewels of the Garden. 
How the twittering of a songbird can lift the day! And how spotting a vibrant avian friend alight on the birdfeeder, or on the tree just outside your window, always brings a moment of pleasure. MSRP $22.99

9781523519132 Audubon Birds Page A Day Calendar9781523519132 4 Audubon Birds Page A Day Calendar

No Binoculars Required. 
From the experts at the National Audubon Society, it’s a birder’s bucket list for your desktop. Every day, feel the thrill of a new sighting, up close and in exquisite detail. MSRP $22.99 .

9781523519156 Audubon Birds in the Garden Wall Calendar9781523519156 1 Audubon Birds in the Garden Wall Calendar

“Be merry, all birds, to-day, be merry on earth as you never were merry before.” —Alfred, Lord Tennyson
A Black-capped Chickadee perched on a Western hemlock branch. A bright Yellow Warbler singing with gusto.

9781523519125 Audubon Birds Page A Day Gallery Calendar 9781523519125 4 Audubon Birds Page A Day Gallery Calendar

The extraordinary diversity of the world’s birds.
Feathered jewels, the shimmering hues of a Lilac-breasted Roller. A Swallow-tailed Gull in flight. A plump California Quail.

9781631369605-We will order upon request.2023 2024 Mini Calendar

  • Perfect gift for birdwatchers and folk art aficionados.
  • A year of delightful watercolor bird and botanical illustrations for your wall.
  • Wall art for your home, school, or office that provides a sense of time for planning and dreaming.
  • Compact size is great for school lockers and other small spaces.
  • High-quality printing on premium paper stock.
  • 7" x 7" mini wall calendar (7" x 14" open).
  • 12-month calendar — January 2024 - December 2024.
  • Includes US and Canadian legal holidays, phases of the moon, and important observances of the world's major religions.


9781631369681---We will order upon request2023 2024 Mini Calendar

  • 12-month weekly planner — January 2024 through December 2024.
  • Two bonus months — December 2023 and January 2025.
  • Habit-tracker tables — four pages with 12 customizable trackers.
  • Two inside pockets for storing receipts and mementos.
  • 5" x 7" weekly planner (10" x 7" open).
  • Monthly two-page-spread views facilitate big-picture planning.
  • Weekly spreads with ample writing space.
  • Extra lined pages to record notes and reminders.
  • Elastic band closure.
  • Wire-O binding offers layflat ease and convenience.
  • Includes US and Canadian legal holidays, phases of the moon, and important observances of the world's major religions.

Sibley Backyard Birds Matching Game Order by TitleSibley BY Matching Game


A matching game with 20 matching pairs for children. Featuring beautiful watercolor bird illustrations by David Sibley, this 40-piece matching game is sure to charm both children and parents. Age Range: 3 – 5 years ; Grade Level: 2 – Kindergarten

Sibley Birder's Life List & Field Diary Order by titleSibley BirdersLifeList cover

A list of all known North American birds, with three different sections: a list with space for detailed entries about each species, a simple checklist with six columns, and a blank section to enter your life list in the order you see the birds.

How to Feed Backyard Birds  9780228103769 (Paperback)How to feed backyard birds


How to Feed Backyard Birds: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids is the perfect resource for beginners who are young (and not so young) to discover the joy of attracting birds to your yard.

Sibley Backyard Birding Puzzle Order by titleSibley puzzle 1

A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring 49 species of familiar North American birds, with original artwork by David Sibley. A fold-out poster of the puzzle image is also included!

ISBN: 9780316010511 Stokes Pocket Guide Birds of North AmericaStokes Pocket Guide


Please order with ISBN and Title. Pocket-size, brilliantly colourful, and easy to use,

ISBN 9780593231852Sibleys Bingo

 Please order with title and ISBN number. Calling all bingo players and birdwatchers to the table! This colorful and informative bingo game features 50 quintessential North American birds painted by preeminent birding authority David Sibley.

Little Book of Woodland Backyard Bird Songs ISBN 97802281003179780228100317 228

Hear the songs and learn about 12 of North America's woodland birds.

Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs ISBN 97817708574459781770857445

Hear the songs and learn about 12 of North America's most common garden birds.

Waterflowl of Eastern North America9781554070572 228x228

A well-illustrated field guide to the ducks, geese and shorebirds of Eastern North America. Includes well organized species comparison pages, male-female, seasonal and immature plumage, distinctive markings. Appropriate for novice or experienced birders. ISBN: 19780228102472

Warblers of the Great Lakes Region and Eastern North America  ISBN: 9780228104254Warb

A classic field guide to these well-loved birds, updated with the latest taxonomical information. Nothing says spring to a birder like seeing the flash of bright plumage as a warbler, recently arrived from its southern wintering grounds, flits from branch to branch, hunting for insects. Eastern North America is home to over 40 species of warblers, and Warblers of Eastern North America is the essential guidebook to identifying and enjoying the huge range of species that live in this area of the continent.

Sparrows and Finches of the Great Lakes Region and Easterm North America9781552977071 228x228

A field guide to 60 sparrows and finches including 200 color photographs, detailed descriptions of song, habitat and plumage changes according to season and gender. ISBN: 9781552977071

Hawks and Owls of Eastern NA-Chris Earley9781554079995 228x228

With their legendary nocturnal behavior, a preference for remote habitats, changing migratory patterns, and swift flight speeds, birds of prey are particularly difficult to identify and track. ISBN: 9781554079995

Feed the Birds-Chris Earley

9780228102014 228x228

Feed the Birds is designed as a resource for beginners and experienced birdwatchers alike. ISBN: 9780228102014

Nature Hot Spots-Book125

The best-selling 125 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario now features 10 additional destinations.

9781504800846 Please order by Title and ISBN9781504800846

Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. This book offers informed advice on siting, nesting, and feeding, along with 17 practical step-by-step construction projects.

9781523500123 Please order by Title and ISBN9781523500123


Paint by Sticker is the most exciting new idea in activity books, both for grown-ups and kids. A compelling activity for crafters and artists, doodlers and colorers of all ages, each Paint by Sticker book includes everything you need to create twelve vibrant, full-color “paintings.”


Ideal for Canadian birdwatchers and bird lovers of every age! Each of these regional field guides are filled with page after page of magnificent close-up photographs and helpful full-page profiles of hundreds of commonly seen species.


The ultimate photographic guide to over 600 bird species in Canada, updated to reflect the latest taxonomic data.

ID2000Two sided Bird seed ID preference wheel

Backyard Bird Feeding Guide Identification Wheel. Turn to set arrow at type of bird. Read food preference. Hangs. Approx. 9" Diameter. English on one side and French on the other side.  Made in Canada

POSTER-GBGarden Birds Poster 24"x18"

18" X 24" Garden Birds coloured poster. Made in Canada

 SFGEStokes Field Guide East

Field Guide Birds East. Approx. 5" X 8-1/2". Soft cover. Identification Information, color photographs, range map, and detailed description. More than 900 high-resolution color id photographs. Quick Guide. Coloured tabs.

SIB-EAST -SMALLsibleyeast small

Features 650 bird species. More than 4,200 illustrations, with descriptive caption text pointing out the most important field marks. Contains text concerning frequency, nesting, behaviour, food and feeding, voice description, and key identification features. Includes maps created from information contributed by 110 regional experts across the continent.