Keep pesky ants and insects out of your feeder. Attractive red tulip design enhances the feeder and larger hook openings on top and bottom fit most shepherds hooks and are provided for easy hanging. 5 oz capacity.

SWINGCopper Hummingbird Swing

New biligual packaging. Packaged in Canada. New Lower Price. Hummingbirds are territorial and will use this swing as a perch to watch over their food source. Simply place this swing near hummer feeders and enjoy watching them sit and swing. Red glass bead dangler attracts birds.

SE611 Large Red ant moat

Protect Oriole, Hummingbird, fruit, and butterfly feeders from ants Simply hang above the feeder and fill with water - ants can’t swim! Red in bulk packaging

SE624Ant Moat Nectar Protector Jr. Clear

Comes with S hook, fits 100% of feeders - even decorative feeders. Holds more water than other ant moats

DETOUR"Detourant" Ant Moat

Simply turn the Detourant upside down and fill it with water, then turn it upright in order to fill the bottom reservoir. Hang the Detourant moat, and suspend your nectar feeder below this dome. The interior water-well barrier prevents ant access to the nectar. The design traps condensation so water remains in the well for much longer than in an open most--even in extreme heat.

1026Squirrel Buster Plus Weather Guard

Polycarbonate weather guard for the 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus. UV Protected. Weatherproof. Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty.

281Tube top

Tube Top. Lifetime guarantee.  2¾" Tubes protects from rain and snow. No hardware required. Feeder not included

182Aspects Super Dome

Super Dome. 18" diameter. Largest clear dome. Use with any brand's large hanging feeders to protect from rain, snow, and squirrels. Lifetime guarantee. Molded from UV stabilized polycarbonate. Metal hardware is solid brass or stainless steel. Feeder not included

351Aspects Super Tube Top

Super Tube Top II. Huge 18" diameter dome, protects from rain, snow & squirrels. For 2¾" to 4" diameter feeders. Slip over bail wire. No hardware needed. Lifetime guarantee. UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic. Metal hardware is solid brass or stainless steel. Feeder not included

449A449A Aspects quick tray

The perfect accessory for Aspects 2 3/4" dia. Quick-Clean feeders! Tray catches falling seeds and reduces debris underneath feeder. Finger Hoods allow for clean, easy access when removing base from feeder. Made of sturdy polycarbonate, tray is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Easily snaps on to Quick-Clean feeder base, no hardware required.

050Aspects Round Seed Tray

This 8½" x 1" deep tray fits all Aspects' 2¾" diameter feeders. Attaches to feeder simply and quickly. lifetime warranty

423AAspects Big Foot Tray

This 12" x 1" deep tray attaches to all Aspects' tubular feeders. As a bonus, supplied hardware enables this tray to be used for most other brands of tubular feeders. lifetime warranty

383A (Swirl Dome)Swirl Dome & Swirl Tray

380A (Swirl Tray)

Swirl Dome. Lifetime guarantee. 14" diameter. Place dome over bail wire, no hardware required. Dome molded of UV stabilized polycarbonate Fits all 2¾" diameter tube feeders.

Swirl Tray. Lifetime guarantee. Swirl tray eliminates waste by catching seed. 10" diameter. Polycarbonate. Metal Bushing. Decorative finial.

384A Aspects Nectar Guard Tips

For use with Jewel Box, HummZinger Ultra and HummZinger Fancy hummingbird feeders.  HummZinger Nectar Guard tips easily slide onto the feeding ports on the underside of the feeder cover. The flexible membrane in the center of each tip easily opens when hummingbirds insert their beaks to feed and close up tight when the beaks are removed.  HummZinger Nectar Guard tips create a barrier that flying insects can't penetrate.

POLADPole adapter for threaded bottom feeders

Pole adapter for threaded base feeders. Fits in any of our 1" diameter poles. Fits Droll Yankees, Aspects, Woodlink, and private labeled tube feeders