Pest Control


Multi-Species Beetle Floor Traps contain both powerful pheromones and food attractants to lure and capture stored product beetles and weevils; Cigarette Beetles, Red & Confused Flour Beetles, Warehouse & Khapra Beetles, Drug Store Beetles, Foreign Grain Beetles, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Merchant Grain Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Grain, Maize & Rice Weevils

NN3306Ant moat

Transparent plastic ant moat. Hang above any nectar feeder to create a barrier against ants. "S" hook not included.

SE611 Large Red ant moat

Protect Oriole, Hummingbird, fruit, and butterfly feeders from ants Simply hang above the feeder and fill with water - ants can’t swim! Red in bulk packaging

SE624Ant Moat Nectar Protector Jr. Clear

Comes with S hook, fits 100% of feeders - even decorative feeders. Holds more water than other ant moats

DETOURDetourant ant moat

Simply turn the Detourant upside down and fill it with water, then turn it upright in order to fill the bottom reservoir. Hang the Detourant moat, and suspend your nectar feeder below this dome. The interior water-well barrier prevents ant access to the nectar. The design traps condensation so water remains in the well for much longer than in an open most--even in extreme heat.

WBB Bat Shack Bat House

All cedar wood bat House . Measures 10 1/2x 4x 18 tall. Holds approx. 40 bats Made in Canada

WWBATWilderness Wedge Bat House

Houses 75 - 100 little brown bats fit in one bat house. Wedged shaped for protection against predators and greater capacity. Now Made in Canada.


MMTMMT Indian Meal Moth Trap

Indian Meal Moth Trap. Comes in 3 parts. Cardboard flap, hanger and pouch of luring pheromones. Change every 3 months.

M12KM12K small

Twelve-compartment martin house includes: Roof perch, Guard rails, Swing-out doors, Winter door stops, mounting bracket & Dri-nest subfloors. House comes in simple-to-assemble kit form. Does not include a pole.

MSS12Martin House with pole and lanyard

The safest rope lanyard elevating system on the market. Lanyard lock stops house instantly on pole if rope is dropped. Features individual doors to allow access to each compartment, roof perch for extra perching room, and guard rails to prevent nestling fall-out. SSP