Cafe Bird Feeder, Easy To Fill Swivel Top, May Be Hung Or Pole Mounted on 3/4" Pole (Not Included), 7 LB Seed Capacity.


Galvanized Metal Bird Bath. 2" deep bath. 19" legs. Overall dimensions 18 x 18 x 22


Caged 6 Port Seed Tube Feeder. Capacity 1.25 lbs. 11" Dia x 16.5" H

2543525435 seed back x300

Window seed feeder. Double decker. Retractable feeding trays. Easy to fill. clear viewing. Capacity 1 lb. Strong suction cups.

25416 25416

Italia gazebo design. Hold 10 lbs of seed. Plastic. 12"x12"x 12"


Going Green recycled single suet feeder with tail prop. 90% recycled plastic. Will not fade or split.

8317083170 small

90" Bird feeder pole system which includes pole, 4 hooks and squirrel baffle

8914389143 small

85" Bird feeder pole system which includes pole, 2 hooks and suet cage and water tray

8311583115 small

85" Bird feeder pole system which includes pole, 2 small hanger, 1 suet cage and 1 water tray

2501925019 small

Oriole orange & jelly feeder. Holds jelly and orange halves.

25020 25020 small

Oriole Patio table with umbrella jelly feeder. Holds jelly and orange halves. Adjustable heigh and angle on the umbrella

2396623966 small

Squirrel resistant feeder with spring loaded perches. Classic copper finish. Capacity 7 lbs.

2430824308 324308 2

Combo feeder can dispense peanuts in shell, meal worms and suet balls. Slide the stainless steel sleeve up and down to convert feeder.

2438024380 small

Covered double platform flythru feeder. Made from cedar.

2543625436 small

Solar caged feeder with modern farmhouse styling. Feeder holds .75 lbs seed. Solar light by night.

2910529105O small

Ocatgon Platform Feeder. Holds 1.5 lbs of seed.


Galvanized water tower feeder. Solid metal construction. Holds 2.5 lbs of seed. 16" tall and 8" diameter.

2872228722 small

White Rustic Farmhouse Absolute Squirrelproof feeder. Easy to clean and fill. Adjustable weight activated perch. No waste seed saver baffle. Weather resistant powder coeated steel body. Built in pole mount socket for standard 1" poles. 13 lb seed capacity. 12.4" x 12.25" x 11.6"



Woodlink Lake and Cabin style green metal roof bluebird house. Easy front cleanout door. Built in predator guard.


Green Steel Magnum Sunflower Feeder. Capacity of 4 quarts, or 5 lbs. Hangs. Green roof and tray with mesh in middle. 11" diameter X 14.5" H.

2486324863 x100

Holds 4 lbs. of seed with 4 feeding ports. Lid locks in place to keep out critters & save on seed. Easy to clean with filling from the top. 5" x 12"

2460824608 small

Two sised vertical seed feeder with spring loaded adjustable perches. Holds 7 lbs seed. Includes a no waste seed saver baffle system in feeding trough. Measures 10" x 12" x 6" Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty

2538425384 NEW

Swing Chair Platform Feeder. Holds up to 2 lbs.


Adirondack Squirrel Chair. Holds 1 corn cob.


Picnic Table Platform Feeder. Holds 1 1/2 bs of seed.


Plaid Hopper Feeder with green metal roof. Log cabin design. Holds 5 lbs of seed.


Lake & Cabin Plaid Ranch with Suet baskets. Green metal roof. Holds 5 lbs seed and 2 suet cakes


Red Canoe Insect Shelter with wall hanger. Paddle motif


Bee Lodge with retro sign. For non-stinging mason bees to pollinate your garden. Refillable nesting tubes.


Green "A" frame Wren House with metal roof