PYP Designs

PYJRPYJR Canadian Junior Chalet Cedar Bird Feeder

The small version best wooden feeder ever made. All screw fasteners. Separate perch for safe and healthy food. Metal screen bottom. Large roof for rain protection. Easy to fill opening roof. Rough sawn cedar. Measures 12"x 10" x 8 1/2" Made in Canada


Cedar hopper chalet with EZ fill suet baskets.

RCRC Rustic cottage

Rustic cottage. Our largest hopper feeder measuring 23"x19"x16". Easy to fill. Screen bottom. Holds about 20 lbs of seed! Made in Canada

LF-PYPELAUR Laurentian Feeder

Laurentian Feeder. Post mount hopper feeder. Easy to fill. Screen bottom. Made in Canada

ECHECH Chalet feeder

Chalet feeder. Easy to fill. Screen bottom.14½" x 14" x 10" Made in Canada

TBTB Tower Bin Feeder

Tower Bin Feeder. Post mount or hanging hopper feeder. Easy to fill. Screen bottom. Made in Canada

GTSM GTSM HANG Cedar Ground and Hanging Tray

Cedar Ground and Hanging Tray, with galvanized metal tray. Comes with white rope for hanging on trees or hooks. Fold-out legs for ground feeder. Approx. size is 13½" x 13½" x 2½"

CATCHCATCH HANG 4 way tray pole

4 way tray pole 17 ½" square. Four Way Seed Catcher Tray. Wood tray, with galvanized metal tray.

1. Hangs from tree or hook.

2. Fold-out legs for ground feeder.

3. Mount on post.

4. Pole mount for catch tray.

( FPTNH flange required for pole mounting)


FTFT small

Fly through feeder. Easy to fill. Screen bottom. PYP Designs. Made in Canada.

UDSUDS2 small1

Cedar Bottom Suet Feeder. Capacity 2 suet cakes. ½" x ½" screen mesh to make suet last long. 10" D x 9¾" W x 4½" H Made in Canada

RNPRobins Nesting Platform

Cedar nesting platform for robins, catbirds, thrashers, phoebes, song sparrows and barn swallows. Made in Canada.

WWBATWilderness Wedge Bat House

Houses 75 - 100 little brown bats fit in one bat house. Wedged shaped for protection against predators and greater capacity. Now Made in Canada.


WBB Bat Shack Bat House

All cedar wood bat House . Measures 10 1/2x 4x 18 tall. Holds approx. 40 bats Made in Canada