H-FS1HFS1 small

Functions as a seed scoop and funnel. Toggle the switch to change between scoop and funnel. Refill bird feeders with ease. Perfect for filling tube feeders.

300 Scoop

Scoop N' Fill. Built-in bag clip-locks bag closed to keep seed fresher longer. Yellow in colour.

25250-SC6QT6 Quart Container

6 Quart Container. Dimensions: 11.25" Lx 5.625" D x 11" H

25251-SC8QT8 Quart Container

8 Quart Container 11.375" Lx 5.625" D x 13.5" H

25252-SC32QT32 Quart Container

32 Quart Container Dimensions: 19" D X 10.125 "W X 20" H.